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Digital art is something we are greatly passionate about. There are unlimited ways to convey the spirit of your business through digital media. We have the experience and the creativity to express your vision and bring that vision to fruition.   


We refuse to see a ‘One size fits all’ marketing mentality. You are unique, your business is unique, and so are we. We create tailor-made marketing strategies that nurture and grow your product or service, helping you reach your goals. 



It is simple…people want connection. They want to be connected with other people, with products, with services, with convenience, with an image. We create a personal connection with you and your customer, and in that connectivity is where loyalty resides. 



  • "The direction of my business was finally clear but I was struggling with my how to promote myself.  Maggie spent time with me getting to know my goals and what what I wanted to accomplish and it was her help that got me on the right track!  She continues to help me from a distance as I am in AZ and she is in CO. Maggie is amazing at marketing & her help has empowered me in my business."

    Resilient Spirit WellnessResilient Spirit WellnessValarie Minos- Owner
  • "Maggie Kavan is a breath of fresh air in Durango. Over our 16 years in business here it has been rare to find marketing assistance that is creative, reliable, full service and effective. We initially brought her onboard specifically to coordinate a special business event, which ended up being a success by multiple measures. In the future, rather than having to assign all advertising, marketing, videography and social media tasks to our in-house personnel, we look forward to having Maggie manage many of these duties on a regular basis in order to make more efficient uses of the time and skill sets of our staff."

    Doug YoungDoug YoungGeneral Manager- Assertive Wellness Center
  • "Maggie Kavan really assisted my business to attract new customers through various platforms and wordage that did not break the bank. Simple and easy solutions that brought my website to the top of the search results while also making it more professional. Maggie really knows what she is doing, is smart and easy to work with. She also explains well her thought process and why my previous way may not have been working well, why we needed to change this or that. She has great ideas while also respecting your ideas and what your goals are. I highly recommend using Maggie. She completely transformed my presence on-line and gave my website that tweak it needed for so long."

    Alfissimo InternationalAlfissimo InternationalJason Minos- Owner
  • "Maggie Kavan is one of the most passionate, creative, enthusiastic and pleasurable professionals I have ever had the opportunity to work with.  Not only did she read my vision; her unparalleled professionalism and unmatched ability to design and generate is priceless.  Not only will I be using her for all future marketing endeavors; I have and will recommend her to all craving, stunning website and design services.  Maggie Kavan is the finest and I am grateful to have the opportunity to be working with her."

    The Yellow CarrotThe Yellow CarrotSari Brown
  • "What a pleasant surprise it was to work with Maggie. I was starting a new business adventure and needed postcards and business cards, all I knew was how I wanted it to look.  Within two days she created my vision perfectly and had it printed and personally delivered it to my door.  What Maggie created was more beautiful than I had imagined! She is amazing and UNBELIEVABLE!! :)"

    Laser Sculpting by DixieLaser Sculpting by DixieDixie Thinnes - Owner

We want to build conscious marketing strategies for your next project.

It’s what we do.


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Meet Maggie

Maggie Kavan is ConsciousMKTG; she is a Durango local, she loves marketing & business but above all she loves helping her clients create a presence in their industry & reach their marketing goals.  When she is not designing, coordinating, or creating you can find her on her bike, split-board or exploring the great outdoors with her husband & their 2 crazy dogs.




Beautifully crafted messages begin with an attention to detail, but must push the limits of creative media and technology application.

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Pixels pushed.

Cups of coffee consumed.

Lines of code written.

Pizza's eaten.

From meeting long-term business goals with present moment marketing strategies, to conscious management of your next project. We are here to help create your next opportunity.

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